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During the pandemic we have been able to teach classes online, and we are bringing the real Clubbercise experience back in-person at North Merchiston Club, Edinburgh, from June!

How can I get online?

Even the least technical-minded can join in! All you need is a laptop/computer or iPad, with a camera, and a good connection to the internet. 


We use Zoom to be able to stream our classes. You'll need to download the free Zoom app before class

Book as normal through our booking site (top of the page). You'll receive a link to click which will take you straight to our class as long as you have Zoom.

And thats it


Minimal cost and no travel


My  intention is that everyone has something to look forward to during these days of restrictions. It's hard to get motivated and some of you might not be keen to go out and exercise even if the government says so.  

Our online classes are only £3.00 , in the comfort of your own home. You won't need much space either!

EVERYONE is welcome. Just mind your dog/cat/lampshades


How do i join you indoors?

So you've seen the pictures or you just fancy the idea of getting out there in the great outdoors! Let's take advantage of the good Scottish weather while we can!

Our  in-person classes are £5.00 , socially distanced at North Merchiston Club, Edinburgh. 

You'll need to register as a member at the club but this is easy and details are on our booking site


I haven't attended classes before

WELL NOWS YOUR CHANCE! You're welcome to join us - just click book now to see the instructions ! We're always here to answer any questions - just head to our social media pages (search Rowdi Ravers) or email us at