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No experience or equipment required !

Clubbercise Classes in Edinburgh - North Merchiston Club and Polwarth Parish Church

Just minutes from Gorgie,  Dalry, Merchiston, Polwarth, Morningside and Fountainpark

clubbercise choreography...

A blend of simple aerobics, toning and club/street dance moves with high and low impact options to suit all abilities.


clubbercise music...


A mix of 90's classics up to the very latest floorfillers. What makes it so unique is that every class takes place with the main lights out, disco lights on, and all routines incorporate our trademark flashing glow sticks - providing a bonus arm workout!

clubbercise benefits...


Lose weight, not your handbag... burn up to 600 calories in one class

Set you free...working out in the dark means you can really let go - without the hangover in the morning!


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